Coal ash data from a mine in Pennsylvania

This data is available in Cressie (1993) and is also present in the R gstat and fields packages.


Data obtained from Gomez and Hazen (1970, Tables 19 and 20) on coal ash for the Robena Mine Property in Greene County Pennsylvania.


This data frame contains the following columns:

  • x: a numeric vector; x-coordinate; reference unknown
  • y: a numeric vector; x-coordinate; reference unknown
  • coalash: the target variable.


N.A.C. Cressie, 1993, Statistics for Spatial Data, Wiley.

Gomez, M. and Hazen, K. (1970). Evaluating sulfur and ash distribution in coal seems by statistical response surface regression analysis. U.S. Bureau of Mines Report RI 7377.

see also fields manual:

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