Distribution of Castanea pumila in Florida with covariates

These data were made available in the data webpage of the book by Gaetan and Guyon.


Distribution of about 180 plants of Castanea pumila (species 38) in the state of Florida, and data on the values of four climate variables which are expected to be important factors in determining the distribution of the plant species.


  • row: row number
  • col: column number
  • sp38: incidence of Cuastanea pumila
  • FZF: median freeze-free period in days
  • TAV: mean annual temperature in degrees Celsius
  • PRCP: mean total annual precipitation in millimetres
  • MI: moisture index = (PRCP)/(TAV x 58.93), where TAV x 58.93 = estimate of mean annual potential evapotranspiration by the Holdridge method.


X <- read.table("~/Desktop/sp38data.txt",header=T)
ggplot(X) + geom_tile(aes(col,row,fill=sp38))

Alt text

ggplot(X) + geom_tile(aes(col,row,fill=mi))

Alt text


Wu, H. and Huffer, F.W. (1997), Modelling the Distribution of Plant Species Using Autologistic Regression Model, Environmental and Ecological Statistics, 4, 49-64.

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