Pine saplings in a 10m x 10m region of a Finnish forest


These data record pine saplings in a bounded region A, where A is a 10 m x 10 m square region of a Finnish forest. The data were supplied by Antti Penttinen and Dietrich Stoyan, are mapped in Stoyan and Stoyan (1994, p. 287) and analysed in Cressie and Collins (2001).


x: x location

y: y location

height: sapling height in m

diam: sapling diameter in cm.


X <- read.table("forest.csv",sep=",",header=T)
ggplot() + geom_point(data=X,aes(x,y,size=diam,colour=height))

Alt text


Stoyan, D. (1987), "Statistical Analysis of Spatial Point Processes: A Soft-Core Model and Cross-Correlations of Marks," Biometrical Journal, 29, 971-980.

Cressie, N., & Collins, L. B. (2001). Analysis of spatial point patterns using bundles of product density LISA functions. Journal of agricultural, biological, and environmental statistics, 6(1), 118-135.

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