Global temperature data from NCAR CSM

Permission for dissemination of these data was given to us by the CESM Chief Scientist Jean-Francois-Lamarque 16/02/2015 by e-mail correspondence. These data can only be used for publication purposes.


There are 21 files in the directory. The file “” (in netcdf format) contains the 2-meter air temperature (128 lon x 64 lat x 240 months) from 1980-1999. This file has also been transferred into 20 ASCII files, x1-x20 for years 1980-1999, respectively. There are 128x64x12 elements in each ASCII file, which can be input as an array in R by array(“x1”,dim=c(128,64,12)).

The data were generated from the NCAR Climate System Model. A part of this data set was used in Shen et al. (2002).


Shen, X., Huang, H. C., & Cressie, N. (2002). Nonparametric hypothesis testing for a spatial signal. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 97(460), 1122-1140.

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