Locations of Nyssa (tupelo) trees in South Carolina

These data were made available in the data webpage of the book by Gaetan and Guyon, courtesy of Philip Dixon.


Location of male, female, and juvenile tupelo trees in 3 plots in the Savannah River, Barnwell County, South Carolina.


  • plot: number of the plot
  • sex: sex of the tree
  • x, y: coordinates.


X <- read.table("~/Desktop/tupelo.txt",header=T)
ggplot(X) + geom_point(aes(x,y,colour=sex))  + geom_facet(~plot())

Alt text


Shea, M.M., Dixon, P.M. and Sharitz R.R. (1993), Size differences, sex ratio, and spatial distribution of male and female water tupelo, Nyssa aquatica (Nyssaceae), American Journal of Botany, 80, 26--30.

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