Ozone data in ppb from 513 stations in the US (1995--1999)


These data and much of the description below was obtained from the UCAR website. The data describe 8 hour average daily ozone in parts per billion (ppb) for 513 sites in the US over the ozone "season" which runs from April through October (184 days) for five years (1995--1999).


Download the file, ozmax8.dat, which has the actual ozone measurements (max 8-hr daily average). Units are concentrations in parts per billion (PPB). Also, download the file, ozmax8.info.q, This is a list with information about the data set: station.no: station number

lat: latitude coordinate of station

lon: longitude coordinate of station

dates: observation timestamp. The times are in julian days where day 1 = JAN-01-1960. The actual times start on April 1, 1995. The ozone "season" runs from April through October ( 184 days) over five years (1995 - 1999).

Data import:

Please see the following example for importing and plotting the data. More details can be found here.

ozmax8 <- matrix( scan("ozmax8.dat"), 920,513) 
# names( ozmax8.info) 
# are "stat.no" "lat"     "lon"     "dates"   "loc" 
# to plot station locations
plot( ozmax8.info$lat, ozmax8.info$lon)

Alt text

# time series plot of first station
plot(  ozmax8.info$date, ozmax8[,1])

Alt text

Data and Resources

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Source http://www.image.ucar.edu/GSP/Data/O3.shtml
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