Lip cancer incidence in Scotland counties between 1975-1980


This dataset is provided in the package "gcmr" in R and published in Waller and Gotway (2004). It contains data on male lip cancer incidence in Scotland counties between 1975-1980.


The csv file contains 5 columns:

  • observed: observed cases in each county.
  • expected: excpected cases in each county.
  • AFF: proportion of the population employed in agriculture, fishing, or forestry.
  • latitude: county latitude.
  • longitude: county longitude.


Clayton D. and Kaldor J. (1987). Empirical Bayes estimates of age-standardized relative risks for use in disease mapping. Biometrics 43, 671–681.

Waller, L.A. and Gotway, C.A. (2004) Applied Spatial Statistics for Public Health Data. New York: John Wiley and Sons.

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