Tropical Pacific Sea Surface Temperature (SST) anomalies between 1970-1985

This data is hosted on the web page of Chris Wikle The text below is copied from that website.


These data represent gridded monthly SST anomalies for 399 consecutive months from January 1970 through March 2003. The data were obtained from the IRI/LDEO Climate Data Library at Columbia University ( The data are gridded at a 2 degree by 2 degree resolution and represent anomalies from a January 1970 - December 1985 monthly (average) climatology. A more complete description can be found at


In addition to Chapter 5 and 9 of Cressie and Wikle (2011), these data have been described and modeled in the following:

Berliner, L.M., Wikle, C.K. and N. Cressie, (2000). Long-lead prediction of Pacific SSTs via Bayesian Dynamic Modeling. Journal of Climate, 13 , 3953-3968.

Wikle, C.K. and M.B. Hooten, 2010: A general science-based framework for spatio-temporal dynamical models. Invited discussion paper for Test. 19, 417-451.

Wikle, C.K. and S.H. Holan, 2011: Polynomial nonlinear spatio-temporal integro-difference equation models Journal of Time Series Analysis. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9892.2011.00729.x

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